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ohmSTAR Products

ohmSTAR and ohmSTAR+ Resistance substitution boxs. Precision Programmable Resistors are the perfect replacement for any "old school" decade resistance box or resistor substitution device and in many cased multi-thousand dollar high precision units and application specific sensor simulators.


Unlike archaic thumb wheel and rotary switched resistance substitution devices the ohmSTAR and ohmSTAR+ instruments use the power a microcontrollers to bring ease of use and stellar accuracy to Circuit Designers, Sensor Simulation, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Calibration needs and more.

Designed initially to simulate non-linear temperature compensated resistive sensors, the super versatile ohmSTAR and ohmSTAR+ instruments have found there way into hundreds of unique technical niches throughout the world.

Sensor simulation dual display operation being one of the key features, once programmed for your sensor of choice the unit of measure along with the resistance is viewed simultaneously on the graphic screen:

* Platinum Resistive Temperature Devices (RTD, PRTD)
* Negative temperature coefficient (NTC) Thermistors
* Conductivity
* Strain gauges
* Potentiometric sensors (position, level)

ohmSTAR's and ohmSTAR+ are 100% mechanically switched using highly
efficient latching relays and precision fixed resistors.

Our Promise

LabMetric earns its customers by providing high quality products while supporting those products with even higher quality customer service. We define ourselves by rapidly designing, developing, and marketing new devices in the electronic design industries. We work hard to bring you the newest technologies and tools to use in your business, while maintaining the high quality of workmanship we have become known for over the years.

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